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Workshops and Presentations

Our interactive and educational presentations have been highly popular during these remote times. All  workshops are based on current scientific evidence and delivered via practical applications. Employees will learn both the theory and practical skills and see measurable improvements.

Don't see what you're looking for? Book a free discovery call and we'll custom create a workshop for you on any (okay many) topics imaginable!

Workshop Formats

Online - Remote (Via Zoom, Webex, Teams etc)


​In-Person - We will come to you!


​Hybrid - We can do a combination of the above​Workshops



1 to 1.5 hours​

Half day (4 hours)​

Full day (7 hours)

All workshops are tailored towards the organization from case studies to handouts. 

All Kinds of Workshops 

Mental Health and Wellness

Healthy employees are happy and productive employees, and our Mental Health and Wellness Workshops are the perfect way to promote lasting wellness in your organization. We believe that long-term change is the key to success, and that's why we take a holistic approach that encompasses everything from mental health to resilience and stress reduction. Join us to see how our workshops can benefit your team's overall well-being.


Our EDI Workshops are a highly popular choice for organizations looking to create a diverse and inclusive workplace. We can explore all facets of EDIJB, from Unconscious Bias, to Microaggressions, to Psychological Health and Safety.  Additionally, we provide consultations to help organizations develop effective EDI policies and metrics that reflect their commitment to inclusion.

Organization and Leadership

The key to efficient and productive organizations is good leadership. Our Organization and Leadership Workshops are designed to help you achieve exactly that. From improving communication, to inspiring teams, to Presenting your Authentic Self we have it all. Our workshops have been evaluated to show a decrease in conflict, increase in morale and better functioning teams. 

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