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What We Offer

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Workshop Topics

Our interactive and educational presentations have been highly popular during these remote times. All  workshops are based on current scientific evidence and delivered via practical applications. Employees will learn both the theory and practical skills and see measurable improvements.

We can provide all workshops in the following formats:

Online - Remote (Via Zoom, Webex, Teams etc)

In-Person - We will come to you!

Hybrid - We can do a combination of the above

Workshops Lengths:

1 to 1.5 hours

Half day (4 hours)

Full day (7.5 hours)

Unconscious Bias ...Conscious Bias?

We have a number of different workshops under this topic. From an intro to unconscious bias, what it is and what it isn't. To our very popular multi-day program that consists of going through a series of workshops to help truly understand unconscious bias as a form of conscious biased systems. 

Examples of Titles Organizations of Requested:

Dismantling the Self vs. the System

The Theory of Unconscious Bias

Can we really change? How do we manage change? 


EDIJB Workshops

We often consult with organizations on their EDI policies and metrics. We then customize a workshop for their current needs. Past examples include:

An Environment of Belonging 

A Healthy and Safe Workplace - Psychological Health and Safety

An Intro to EDI Basics - How do we navigate difficult conversations?

Cancel or Call-Out Culture vs. Call-In Culture 


Wellness Workshops

These workshops are very popular with organizations looking to support their staff. From one off, lunch and learns, to ongoing training on resiliency, preventing burnout, stress management and more. Examples of workshops include:

Resiliency and You - How to Take of yourself before taking care of others

Stressed? Let's talk about the 4 F's before you say that angry Fifth one. 

Assertive Communication - Let's figure out how to set boundaries

Time Management - Have you heard of TEA? 

Psychological Health and Respectful Workplaces

Cultivating Resilience and Calm 

The Good and Bad of Mindfulness and You - Let's meditate on that. 


Organizational Wellness

These workshops and services are geared towards employees and organizations from a change and transition perspective. We are PROSCI and ADKAR trained professionals who can run workshops on the basics of change management. We look at how to help you and your employees manage difficult transitions from a psycho-social-biological perspective, as well as organizational best practices. 

The Way of Change and Transition - Is it Inevitable? 

Reducing Stress and Finding Empowerment 

The SkillPoint Method 

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